Key Concepts & Sites for WC Investors

Today's securities marketplaces differ greatly from past marketplaces.

There is literally no such thing as a risk-free asset these days. Stocks, bonds, and real estate have always varied in price so investors knew there were elements of risk inherent in them. In the past few years even money market assets proved to hold some risk. And the almighty (no-longer) dollar holds more risk than most Americans know.

On a long-term basis, every asset type will be affected by a host of forces that include fiscal policy (government), monetary policy (central bank), money-printing, inflation and more. Sovereign debt levels should be of major concern to all investors nowadays. The same goes for the value of your dollar which may not be exclusively the world's "reserve currency" much longer. When your gallon of gas goes from $3 to $4, the purchasing power of your dollar has lost 33% versus gasoline ... so, without becoming a currency expert, you may at least want to know how the powers-that-be are affecting you with their policies ...

Our goal is to manage investors' assets effectively through changing markets, while regularly educating our clients about the forces working against them, including the government, the central bank, Wall Street and others that are supposed to be working for them.

Following are resources we believe informed investors should explore, then visit regularly:

If you only pick two:

The Pete Peterson Foundation

The Mises Institute

More sites worth your time:

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Chris Martenson

Calculated Risk


Golden Jackass (Jim Willie)

Liberty Blitzkrieg  (Mike Krieger)

Matt Taibbi blog

Of Two Minds    (Charles Hugh Smith)

Peak Prosperity (Chris Martenson - Crash Course)


Specific Articles - for those wondering why their dollars don't go as far, why income inequality is at its highest level since the Great Depression, and perhaps most importantly, why Wall Street gets obscenely richer every year even though major stock markets are at levels achieved over a decade ago:

ZeroHedge - "Will the Banksters and Corporatocracy Eventually Own it All?

Matt Taibbi - Rogue Trader? the Banks are still lying

Matt Taibbi - Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail?

Matt Taibbi - The Case Against Goldman

Mises - Why is Gold so High?

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