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Below please find some of our former 'HOT READS'.  They should help educate you and elevate your awareness about not only upside potential, but about the economic and monetary hurdles that potentially lie ahead.

Is the Bull Back - Or is it a Trap?  -  Real Investment Advice

Debt and Defaults Both Rise  -  Motley Fool

Deficit All Time Record (Is this Bullish or Bearish??)  -  The Hill

Stocks Rise with Positive Earnings and Outlooks  -  Fox Business

Earnings and Outlooks Expected to be Strong  -  Zack's

Clear Signs the Trump Rally Has Room to Run!  -  Marketwatch / David Tepper

Trump Has Awakened Animal Spirits!!  -  Bloomberg / Dimon

Bull Market - Why Investors Should Fear Missing Out  -  Forbes

The Bears ARE Right  -  Northman Trader

Doomsday Scenario for Stocks  -  Charles Hugh Smith

So the Fed Does Not Target Markets, Eh?  -  Real Investment Advice / RIA

Fed TIghtening is Over  -  Dollar Collapse

Fed Admits IT 'Murders' Markets  -  ZeroHedge

Two Percent for the One Percent - The Fed's True Impact  -  RealInvestmentAdvice

10 Reasons Stocks Will Have a Great 2018 - Forbes

Wall Street Forecasters Think 2018 Will Be Great -  Yahoo Finances

Central Banks: $10 TRILLION in Asset Purchases in Q1 2017 -  ZeroHedge

Dow Drops 550 Again - Biggest Weekly Fall Since March  -  Fox Business 12/7/18

Europe Proposes Restrictions on Cash  -  ZeroHedge

The Fed's Reluctance to Learn from Japan  -  Viable Opposition

Here Is Why Stocks Keep Going UP  -  Chris Ciavacco

Insiders Stock-buying Dries Up  -  WSJ 

Fed Rate Hike Fantastically Bullish For Stocks  -  RealMoney

More Proof Yellen Out of Touch  -  David Stockman

Manhatten Real Estate Plummets - 2017 03 -  Bloomberg

India Restricts Cash! First Domino to Fall?  -  Forbes

Predictions on the Trapped Fed plus Election 2016  -  Jim Rickards

Sell Everything: 'Bond King' Jeff Gundlach -  CNBC

Nomi Prins:  Fed Wreaks Destruction  -  Youtube

Is This an Enron-type 'Top' Signal?  -  Zerohedge

The 'Negative Interest Rates' Doom Loop  -  Zerohedge

Why The Fed Cannot Stop the Next Crash  -  Tao Macro

Major Rally Still Possible   -  King World News

Wall Street Bull Calls for Double Digit Rally in 2016  -  Business Insider

HiYield Bonds Suggest Stock Rally Into Year End  -  CNBC

Obama Administration AGAIN Bails Out Wall Street: Mega-Landlords   -  Naked Capitalism

Alibaba's Jack Ma at Davos: Where America Went Wrong  -  Yahoo

Anti-Corporate Protests Sweeping Europe  -  The Anti-Media

EU's Chief Economist:  The EU is a House of Cards  -  Liberty Blitzkreig

The Recovery Is A Hoax - 'The Invisible American'  - Gallup CEO

German Savers Lose Faith in Banks - Buy Safes  -  Wall Street Journal

Obamacare a Fully Predictable Failure  -  Peter Schiff

Buying Stocks Now? EVERY Investor Should Read This  - Lance Roberts

Why Main Street Isn't Buying Obama's Economic Story  -  Lance Roberts

Global Earnings Tumble  -  Bloomberg

QE Forever Will Have a Catastrophic End  -  Financial Times

Central Banks Pumping $180B / Mo into 'Markets'  -  Zerohedge

No Mystery - Central Banks Biggest Stock Buyers  -  Zerohedge

Brexit Proved It Is All Central Bank Funded Illusion  -  Mark St. Cyr

Balance Sheet Rot & the Bre-lief Rally  -  Lance Roberts

A Rudimentary Review of Bubbles  -  Lance Roberts

'Permanently High Plateaus End Poorly  -  John Hussman

The Biggest Bank Heist in History  -  SwissAmerica

Additional Insight - For Both Bulls & Bears

CB's Desparate: HELICOPTER MONEY IS NEXT!  -  Zerohedge

FULL WEIMAR ! - The Central Bankers  Want to MONETIZE Everything - Reuters,Yahoo,Fox Biz

$14 TRILLION in Negative Yieds Is Not Enough - ELIMINATE CASH!!  -

Alternate View - Has a Financial Coup d'etat Occurred?  -  USA Watchdog

Mutiny at the FBI - Corruption Threatens Everyones' Investments  -  Zerohedge

Social Security:  Bust  -  Econimica

Fed Up With The Fed  -  Charles Hugh Smith

Trump is Right About the Debt, the Fed's a Sham   -  Stockman's Contracorner

Most Stock Gains Since 2005 Come at 2am  -  ZeroHedge

Fed Admits Pumping Market for Rich (& WS) for Wealth Effect  -  ZeroHedge

Rare Technical Signal Flashing Red  =  MarketWatch

Druckenmiller: Reckless Fed Has No Endgame but Market Does  -  Forbes

US Setting Stage to Join Europe in Banning Cash - Bloomberg

Albert Edwards:  Let Me Tell You How This All Ends  -  ZeroHedge

Angry Americans - The Story of Failed Economic Recovery - John Cunningham

Yellen May Force Negative Interest Rates on US Debt Serfs - Fox Business

Icahn Affirms -  System Broken by the Fed  -  Reuters 

Uh Oh - Could Bubble 3 Be Rolling Over?  -  Lance Roberts

ECB Extends QE Program $70B/Mo into 2017  -  Bloomberg

Warren Buffett Isn't Worried About Wild Markets  - MarketWatch

The Bear Claw Will Strike Again  -  Louise Yamada / CNBC

Political Interpretation on The Wizard of Oz  -  Wikipedia

Banking Industry Deliberately Causes the Panic of 1907  -  Investopedia

Big Banks Instantly Raise Rates for Borrowers, Screw Depositors  -  Fox Business

Third Fed-Bubble in 15 Years Ready to Dive  -  Marketwatch

This Indicator Has Preceded Two Crashes  -  Yahoo

Canada Follows Fed's Lead: Negative Interest Rates  -  Zerohedge

Jim Grant and Steve Forbes on Bubbles and Bargains  - Forbes

How $4Trillion of Money Creation Has Done Nothing for Mainstreet  -  David Stockman

Fed Fiddles with Inflation While Middle Class Burns  -  David Stockman

The Fed Has Failed the Nation  -  Charles Hugh Smith

Scientific Study:  US is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy

Wall Street Is MisReading Trump - Trouble Ahead  -  CNBC / David Stockman

Tax Reform May Take Longer than Trump Plans  - CNBC

Reasons to Be Bullish on Small Caps for 2016  -  Nasdaq

House Passes Massive Spending Bill  -  Fox Business

National Day of Rage for July 15  -  Blog / Feral Irishman

Consumer Sentiment Sours as 401ks Drop   -  Zerohedge

Record Misery for Americans Over 30  -  MarketWatch

Only A Few Stocks Deceptively Lift the Indices  -  Blog

Bernanke & Yellen Construct Financial Neutron Star  -  Cobden Centre

Just How Are Markets Sustained?  -  Paul Craig Roberts

Amidst Carnage Strategists Say 'Go All In'  -  CNBC 

China Could Determine the Commodities 'Bottom'  -  CNBC

Here's Why the Fed Won't Raise Rates Next Week  -  CNBC

Consumers May Have Just Killed the Fed Rate Hike!  -  CNBC

"They Just Don't Want a Job"  -  Zerohedge

We've Learned Nothing Since Lehman Bros  -  Saxo

The Fed Has LOWERED Rates & QE'd New Money With Today's Econ Data!   -  720Global

Russia Moves to Back Money with Gold & BRICS Bonds  -  Silverdoctors

Global Debt Has Increased by $57 TRILLION Since 2008  - The Guardian

Manufacturing Declines Most Since Brutal Jan 2014  -  Bloomberg

Germany Slams Money Printing: 'Neither Original Nor Serious'  -  ZH  / Zerohedge

David Tepper:  S&P Target 1,800 (maybe)  -  CNBC

Emerging Markets Spur Route But Bulls Remain  -  CNBC

Retail Sales Rise Signaling Strong Consumer!  -  MarketWatch

China Just Killed the World's Largest Futures Market  -  Bloomberg

Birinyi:  S&P 500 Can Hit 3,200 By 2017  -  CNBC

Insiders BULLISH just as Retail Buyers are Bearish  -  CNBC

China Will Not Follow IMF Procedures With Its AIIBank  -  ZH 

Putin Targets Eliminating Dollar From More Trade  -  ZH

Retail Investors Cash Out of Both Stocks And Bonds  - Bloomberg

Fed Led Around by Nose by Market it has Trained to Make Threats  -  ZH

How China's Currency Fiddling Works  -  Bloomberg

Don't Blame China - Blame the Fed  -  RP Institue

Shock: Kerry Admits Truth US Dollar Could Lose Reserve Re Iran -  Metro

What Every Fed Member Thinks of Rate Hikes  -  Marketwatch

Why QE 4 Is Inevitable  - ZeroHedge

Fed Has Turned Stock Market into a Hall of Mirrors  Jim Grant/Youtube

Currency War:  China Liquidates U.S. Treasuries  -  Bloomberg

China Intervened in Markets to Focus on Parade  -  Bloomberg

7 Reasons The Markets Have Gone Totally Nuts!  -  CNBC

What if Crashes Are As Rigged As Everything Else?  -  Charles Hugh Smith

The Fed is Spooking Markets, Not China - Peter Schiff

Making Sense of the Market Plunge - Chris Martensen

*** Currency War - It Really Is About the Death of the Petrodollar - ZH

Fleckenstein - Similarities to 1987 - KWN

Can Kickers Unite!! Its Getting Hazardous  -  David Stockman

Art Cashin: Comparisons to 1987 Crash  -  KWN/King World News

Bank of Japan & Euro Central Bank Vow More QE as Response to China Devaluation - ZH/ZeroHedge

"Dip Buyer" After China Devaluation Was Goldman Buying Back Stock for Companies  -  ZH

Currency War - How China Devaluing Yuan Affects You   -  USA Today

How A Deep Dive by Apple Could Crush the Market - MarketWatch

The Real Cost of Living - Why People Are Squeezed and Govt Data is False  - Chapwood Index

I Sure Am Glad There Is No Inflation!  - Charles Hugh Smith

Destruction in the Global Commodity Currencies Far From Over  -  Bloomberg

The Oil Crash has Caused a $1.3 Trillion Wipeout  -  Bloomberg

PIMCO's Flagship Fund Struggles as Fed Fiddles

Holiday Spending Suggests 'Wealth Gap' & Policy Failure

Fitch Ratings Agency Points at New Housing Bubble

'Could Collapse the Whole System' - Art Cashin

China Admits Overcapacity Bubble

'An Even Worse Catastrophe Is Coming' - Jim Rogers

Fed Hiding the Income Inequality it Causes - Albert Edwards

Fed in 'Vicious Cycle' and 'QE Trap' - Richard Koo

The Minsky Bubble - John Hussman

Investors Under Spell of Fed's Money Printing

Fed Money Printing Fuels Wealth Inequality

Fed Liquidity Drives Speculators into Junk

Another 'Loose Money' Complete Disconnect

Junk Rallies - Fed Money Everywhere Drives Junk

Bad News Is Good News - Weak Europe Means ECB Printing?

Europe & Cyprus in Multi-Billion Game of Chicken

Wilbur Ross:  Beware the Fed & Bonds (at 2:30mins)

"An Infinite Amount of Money" (Insanity Reigns)

Currency Wars: Return to the 1930's - Who Will Win?

Currency Wars: ECB Forced to Devalue Euro by Fed & Japan?

Sucker Alert - Corporate Insiders Selling Stock

Perspective on Dow 14,000

Currency Wars - The Biggest Loser (Great Primer on 'Money')

Currency Wars - 7 or 13 Central Banks Cut Rates in 1 Week (with markets at highs?)

Currency Wars - Rickards "Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction"

Currency Wars - German Exports Now More Expensive

February Jobs Report - Great News - or Is It?

NORMAL Wall St Betrayal - "The Public Should Be In - Just Not Expensive Enough Yet'

REAL Ratings Agencies Banned - Cronies Remain to Help Fed Print More

Geithner Allegations: Total Corruption at Top & Rigged Markets

Hypocrisy!  Frances Sarkozy Moves to UK to Avoid Rich-Tax

Top 10 Reasons for a 2013 Rally

Roubini:  Fiscal Cliff Ensures American Nightmare

Italian Comedian Gets What Many Europeans & Americans Don't

Quantitative Easing & the Real Estate Market

Reason for Plan B:  And Now, The Consequences

One Year Later - MF Global,  Integrity in System Still Missing ...

SANDY - How Hurricanes Affect Markets

Why the Fed Wants Inflation: Strong Dollar Weakens P&G Earnings

Fed to Go All In - Full-out Money Printing, No Tricks Left 

The Fed-engineered Bond Bubble

Currency War - Japan Joins $ War, QE9 1 Month After QE8

Banks Keeping QE Benefits for Themselves

Currency Wars: China Working to Replace US Dollar as Reserve Currency

Headed for Recession Unless Businesses Regain Confidence in Future

"Damage" - by Bill Gross of PIMCO

Currency Wars:  China & Korea Join the Chorus Against Fed Easing, Dollar as Reserve

Bianco:  Fed Policy - Rich Get Richer,  Poor Get Poorer, Bad Ending

Currency Wars:  Brazil Accuses Fed of Waging Currency War

Currency Wars:  Official ... China/Iran to Trade Oil not in US Dollars ... Boom

Currency Wars:  All Heck May Break Loose - China to Dump Japanese Bonds?

FedEx Warns on Global Slowdown

Fed & ECB Actions May Mark Downfall of West

Currency Wars:  China Thumps US, to Sell Oil in Yuan Not Dollars

Currency Wars:  Dollar Chart Says 'Look Out'

Central Banks Drive Risk Aversion to Major Lows

George Will:  A Different Kind of Inflation

Faber:  'Boom then Crash' Bernanke Should Resign

Bernanke as a Child

The Economist:  What the Fed is Doing ...

The Fed Goes Weimar: No Crisis Needed to Keep PRINTING

Currency Wars - Iran & Turkey - Gold Trade

Currency Wars - Germany: "Great Concern about US Debt"

Currency Wars - China & Germany to Trade More Without Dollar

Spaniards Taking Cash, Leaving Country (Americans Still Asleep)

Bernanke Not Easing Yet - Next Meeting Mid-September

Savers Could Now Be Punished through At Least 2015

Factory Orders Rise in July

Japan May Run Out of Money

Stunning List of Crimes of the Big Banks

Australia: 'The Resouce Boom is Over'

Australia Headed for Disaster

Small Biz Owners Have Tougher Go than the Corporatocracy

Currency Wars - Brazi Ramps it Up - Here Come the Central Banks

Currency Wars - Chinese Companies Pull Out of US Stock Exchanges

Currency Wars - About to Go Full Tilt??

Wall Street Frets about Their Choice's Chances - Romney/Ryan

Ryan - A Great Pick for Rudderless Romney, But Do the Banks Own Him?

At Least with Ryan, the Budget MAY Finally Hit Center Stage

When Quantitative Easing FInally Fails ...

Olympic Gold Medals:  Biggest Ever size-wise but only 1.34% Gold

Are Fiat Currencies Headed for Collapse?

When You Can't Fix It, Banks & Gov'ts Just Change the Rules: Spain Bans Short-Selling

TARP Inspector Sick at Washington Choosing Wall Street over Main Street

Brazen Bank Crime in Plain Sight

Retail Sales Dip

Banks Behaving Badly - Is It Killing Confidence?

Is a New Depression on the Way?

Matt Taibbi - Banks Take Us Down The Rabbit Hole ...

Banks Collude to Fix Rates - to their Advantage of course

Farmers Quit - Higher Food Prices Coming

Central Bank Official to Be Implicated in Scandal

Barclay's Accused of Manipulating LIBOR at Behest of Bank of England

Barclay's Has Company as Big Banks Allegedly Collude to Fleece the Globe

Barclay's Head Tried to Lie to Save Himself? (Surprise, Surprise)

JP Morgan at Center of Power Market Manipulation Probe

Morgan Stanley Pressured Ratings Agencies to Lie?

Did Banking Cartel Manipulate LIBOR to Force BailOuts?

Europe May Weigh on Q2 Earnings

Here Comes the HyperInflationary End-game

Latest European Bail-Out Will Fail Too

Market Celebrates as Germany Caves - ECB Creates More Debt to Fix Debt Problems

More Fed Money Printing - June 20

The "Fiscal Cliff"

US Per Person Debt Increasing  7X Faster Than in Italy

Top 20 Rules for a Doomsday Cycle

Senate Hearings on JPM - What Should Have Been Asked

Greek Bailout to be Revised AGAIN

 'Helicopter Ben' Saves Markets Again

Spain Places EuroZone on the Brink

Corzine Proves No Justice Vs Wall Street

US 'Leaders' Continue to Sell Out Countrymen - China Gets DirectAccess to Treasury

The Big Print is Coming


Currency Wars:  Rickards - Why Jamie Dimon Should Resign

After Greek & French Elections, World Banker "You Can Have Your Cake & Eat It Too"

Germany:  "Its Not Up For Renegotiation"

Some Manufacturing Jobs Are Coming Home

What Millionaires Think About the Economy

US Next?  Greece's Young Flee

Erskine Bowles:  US Perfecting Formula for Budget Failure

Middle Class Slide Continues Across Administrations

Japan Takes Central Bank Counterfeit/Fraud to Stunning New Levels

Was $1.3T ECB Counterfeit in Past 6 Months Still Not Enough to Save Spain?

JPMorgan, Citi & Goldman Sachs Hold 107 TRILLION in Derivatives - Tarp2 Anyone?

Fed Unable to Stop Printing - Not Enough Real Bond Buyers (Lenders)

Currency Wars:  Rickards Senate Testimony on Fed's Interest Rate Policy Failures

Market Eerily Similar to 2011

Further Fed Easing Could Boost Gold Further

Quinn:  You Aint Seen Nothin Yet - Part 2 (Heavy Read!)

Quinn:  You Aint Seen Nothin Yet - Part 1 (Heavy Read!)

Hussman:  Corporate Margins To Drop

"The End is Coming" - January 1, 2013

Consumer Confidence Hangs High With Stocks

Housing Market May Be Leveling

Bernanke Will Keep Printing Despite Improvements - Stocks Soar

Bernanke's Relentless Dollar Destruction Causes More Countries to Dump Dollar

Handicapping a Collapse - the Big Issues Beneath

60 Pct of Workers Have Less than $25k in Savings & Investments

Defense Secretary Panetta:  UN Directs US Military, not US Congress (Constitution Dead)

How Goldman Profited While Greece, Europe and You Lost

Demint:  Now or Never

Will Black Markets Return?

David Stockman:  Economic Disaster

Key to the Rally:  ECB's LTRO Funny Money Machine:

No Easy Fix for Gas Prices

Stock Valuations Now vs Last April

Bill Gross:  Its all the Fed - Embrace Defense

Gov't Benefits as Percentage of Income by County

Is Smart Money Headed to the Sidelines?

Taxes on Rich Going Up Soon

How The Govt Will Confiscate Your Money

Gallup Job #s Counter Government #s

How Greece Should Be Handled

Iran Stops Oil Sales to UK & France

Currency Wars - Russia & China Dump US Treasuries

Currency Wars - Japan Cranks Up the Printing Press Again

Its Not Bailing Out Greece - Its Bailing Out Banks.  Here's How ...

ECB Smoke & Mirrors:  Troubled Banks Buy Troubled Sovereign Debt to Use As Collateral

Currency Wars - Why Iran May be The Next War: Selling Oil for non US $$

After Bilking Hundreds of Billions or Trillions, Weak Settlement, No Visible Terms

With Investors So Bullish A Pullback Must Be Near

New Mortgage Bailout - Punishes Savers Rewards Others

England Money-Printing Escalates - $50B Pounds

US Treasury Volunteers Taxpayers to Pick Up Mortgage Forgiveness Tab

Taxes to Jump 30% in Next Two Years

Obama Welcomes Foreigners as Fed Destroys the Dollar

HOPE!  Builder Confidence Jumps

Currency Wars: China & Russia US Treasury Holdings Lowest In Year

Obama Rejects Oil Pipeline

Monti (GS-Italy) & UK Want Growth ('print money')

Fed Thinking About Easing AGAIN (Of Course)

The Fed Does Not Help the "Average Joe"

Currency War Maneuver - Russia & Iran drop USD

John Huntsman:  Wall Street Banks the Real Economic Threat

Role Reversal - Companies Lend to Banks (European)

Fed Recommends Fannie/Freddie Repeat Same Garbage

How Congress Enables FASB Fraud in the Banks

Durable Goods Improve

PIMCO's Bill Gross: 'Towards the New Paranormal'

Greenspan - 'True Revolution' Ahead

European Banks Hoard Record $591B (courtesy of US Fed)

Currency War Maneuver - China & Japan

Currency War Maneuver - Japan & India

Currency War Maneuver - China Loan to be Repaid in Oil

No Recession for Congress - Just Legal Insider Trading & Soaring Wealth

ECB: "Yes, This Could Really Be Like Lehman Brothers Again"

Big Bad Ben Readies More Dollar Destruction

Italian Bond Yields Surge as BailOuts Deemed Insufficient by Markets

A Technical Case the Market Bottomed Black Friday

Americans, Unknowingly Through IMF, to Bail Out Europe Again

All Fed, All the Time - Central Banks Bail Out World (Again)

Americans, You Are Bailing Out Europe

Fed To Ramp Up its Only Trick Again in US Too: 'QE3' Money Printing

One Reason the Fed is So Busy:  Standard & Poors Downgrades Major Banks

The Fed & Big Banks Stick It To Taxpayers Again  Newly Revealed Bail Outs

Comfortably Numb

Bad Moon Rising (Fourth Turning is a must-know concept)

The Dying of Money

US Pensions Reach Record Deficit

FHA to Have MORE Taxpayer Backing Amidst Higher Losses

China to Downgrade US Again ("only option is money printing")

Failing on Greece, EU Must 'RingFence' Italy

China's Growing Downturn

US Taxpayers Will Unknowingly Bail Out Europe Again through the IMF

Failing on Greece, EU Must 'RingFence' Italy

China's Growing Downturn

Hard Evidence - Bailed Out Banks Take On MORE Risk

Too Big to Fail - Championing the Slow Decline

The Real Reason Behind the Oct 27 Post-Greek-Bailout Rally

Autopsy of US Financial System:  Accident, Suicide or Negligent Homicide?

Analysts Change Tune on Q3 GDP - Now See "Solid GDP"

Why Europe is Doomed to Fail

William Black: Why Nobody Went to Jail During the Credit Crisis


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