Trends in Retirement Plans & The Regulatory Environment

The small business owner seems to be confronted with increasing challenges by the day.  In the benefits arena, on the heels of a revolution in the health care arena, the 401k and retirement plan arena are now under the microsope of government bureacracies, regulators, and a whole host of masters of unintended consequences.   What seems sure to escalate is the burden that falls on the shoulders of the plan sponsor.

It is becoming a neverending artform to balance the responsibility of communicating properly with plan participants and administering a plan on a day-to-day basis with the need to actually focus on other human resource functions and your core business itself!

We select our plan providers, and work with them on an ongoing basis, to try to make the plan sponsor's activities compliant with ever-changing regulations without causing the plan sponsor unnecessary activity and stress.

Below please find some important links that will inform you about trends in both retirement plans and in the recent regulatory landscape:

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