Coronavirus Update

The Covid-19 virus is obviously a serious matter, and as a new and different virus it's easy-to-spread nature is negatively affecting people and economies around the world.

Aside from the exhausting hysteria on the normal media channels, there are many resources available.

First and foremost, some non-hype academic resources:

The CDC (Center for Disease Control)

New England Journal for Medicine)

Next, some pespective from geeky investment guys (of course, as one myself I mean that with the utmost respect).  Chris Martensen is a quantitative expert, has an outstanding series on the monetary system and in particular 'exponential growth' (like the virus' replication pattern), and covers what is going on with the virus and steps to contain it. 

CoronaVirus - Numbers & Hope  -  Peak Prosperity's Chris Martensen

Market Crash - Will Fed Buy Stocks? (Answered)   - George Gammon

And for the 'alternative' media crowd (some say tinfoil hat, but hey, there's a lot of meaningful info that does not make it past the mainstream (hysterical) herd-management team!) ... the connection of 5G epicenters (like Wuhan & Cruise Ships) to the pandemic outbreak ... both attack oxygen molecules.  This information is a sample of vast amounts of info we review to interpret markets.  Wild right?  Its also ... Science.  Always informative, usually entertaining, it is for every viewer to assess for themselves.  A fun science lession follows.  Form your own opinion!

Best News About CoronaVirus (Kinda) (5G)  - Dana Ashley

As the virus evolves, note the media hype, and correlate it to what your eyes and first-hand knowledge tell you.  Also note the volatility in the marketplace.

And last, and most important relative to the future and potential quality of life ... note the vast amounts of money being printed out of thin air to 'combat the crisis'.  Rinse, repeat.